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Downloading Files from the OCCM Server

All of the confocal microscopes are isolated from the outside world, which means your files are stored on a server. To access them you'll need to log in and move them to your own computer.
Please note, the server is a transition zone to allow you to collect your files. Do NOT use it as permanent storage, we do not have the capacity for everyone's files. If your data is valuable - you make the effort to remove it and make permanent storage arrangements and backups.
Do not keep your backup drive beside your computer - the fire / thief / vandal / coffee will likely take it out too. Store your backups in another building if possible. Yes, it sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how often higher education and common sense do not go hand in hand …

Image Analysis Methods

Select the relevant software and click on the menu to drop down a list of available methods. Click on the pdf icon to view and download.
Keep in mind that some images, often confocal or other fluorescent ones, have good contrast between what you want to measure - and what you don't. These images are usually easy to analyse. When there is little contrast between what's hot and what's not, it can often be difficult to impossible to do what you require. There's also no single answer to how to analyse an image, don't take anything you read here as the final word, take the initiative to find, or develop, solutions of your own. Being objective is however a universal requirement.

See the Image Analysis page for links to download ImageJ and Fiji - and other open source imaging programs.

Click on the pdf icons to download the instruction file(s) you require.