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Upgrade to Scott Building Dual-Head Microscope Camera

This system has been improved dramatically by replacing the aged camera and computer with a new Ximea camera and computer. Bookings are now done online, see the Calendars link.

August 2016

Nikon A1+ Inverted Confocal Microscope Installed

The inverted configuration of this confocal lends itself to small petri-dishes, well plates and other specialised live cell chambers. This does not preclude it from viewing standard slide-mounted specimens, these are simply inverted and imaged as normal. Fitted with high sensitivity GASP detectors, deconvolution software and precision automated focussing system, this is a particularly versatile confocal.


July 2016

Nikon A1R Confocal Microscope Upgraded to Multi-Photon

The addition of multi-photon capability has greatly enhanced the capabilities of the Nikon A1R, as it allows significantly deeper tissue penetration over conventional confocal microscopy. Now fitted with high sensitivity GASP detectors, the microscope is also capable of capturing fleeting physiological events like never before. Very much a coup for the University of Otago.


February 2013

Tips Page Added

An assortment of less well known tips for enhancing your microscopy experience.

25th September 2013

Changes to Image Analysis and How To … page.

Added a description of the open source software 3D Slicer to the Image Analysis page. This program works well as as complement to Fiji / ImageJ.

On the How To … page you can now click on the heading and go straight to the article you're interested in.

Combined the Specifications page with the Equipment page. Equipment specifications can now be found at the bottom of the Equipment page.

16th September 2013

References Page Added

A representative list of some of the references which utilised the OCCM facility.

3rd September 2013

Nikon A1R Confocal Microscope Commissioned

A specialized resonant scanner confocal, aimed at fast, transient physiological events in cells, this is aimed at expanding the existing confocal capabilities of the facility. Not a beast to be casual with, you'll need to be associated with an approved laboratory group, or have spoken with Andrew McNaughton in the first instance.

19 June 2013

Charges Page Added

All those numbers you were afraid to ask about are now on the site.

11 March 2013

Zeiss 710 Booking Restrictions

Due to the heavy usage, a three hour time limit per booking has been introduced to spread the joy a little between users. Some have already discovered they can book consecutive sessions to get around this - please don't do this, it does show you're clever, but undermines your social skills a little. These bookings can also be deleted without warning, thereby throwing them to the eager competition.

5 March 2013

Specifications Page Added

Now you can view all the details you need for writing up a thesis or paper. The hard bit might be remembering the instrument you used - depending upon how long it takes to write up after the experiment.

5 March 2013

News - yes, at last, some news?

It's true, at the moment the only big news is the new-look OCCM website. It doesn't mean the facility's moved or anything so drastic, just a change in the way the website is used.

The idea is to provide more advice and more resources for people to use. Rather than just a 'we have this and we have that' sort of thing.

If there's anything you'd like added to the site, please feel free to contact me at All suggestions and ideas welcomed.

18 April 2012